Saturday, May 7, 2011

Smallville: Romance

Which Lady Love of Clark's is your favorite? Clark Kent's Love life has always been complicated. So much Drama with Lana, Chloe is like a sister who has always had feelings for Clark, and Lois has liked Clark but then like turned into feelings in time because they were destined to be together.

I love watching the romance on Smallville. Clark seems so innocent at love yet tends to make so many mistakes trying to protect the women he loves. I love watching this show. Their is drama, action, and romance! It has it all!

Lois Lane - ("Crusade" Season 4, Ep. 1): A slowly developed relationship over the years; from complete strangers to romantic lovers, Lois Lane is a journalist for the Daily Planet. After five years of friendship with Clark, they fall in love and she becomes Clark Kent's fiancee. She first appears in Season 4 "Crusade," when she arrives in Smallville to investigate the death of her cousin Chloe. She meets Clark for the first time when he falls from the sky and is found naked in a corn field. She wraps a red blanket around him (iconic for his future cape) and begins their reltionship. Does their relationship live up to this moment?

Lana Lang - ("Exile" Season 3, Ep. 1): One of the most important and dramatic relationships of the series, Lana is a superheroine who fights to preserve life. Lana is Lex Luthor's ex-wife and Clark Kent's first love. She grew up a mile away from Clark, who admired her from afar for years. Clark finally asks her out in highschool and she becomes an important part in his life. In Season 3 "Exile," Lana Lang tries to bring Clark back to Smallville after he heads to Metropolis under the influence of the red kryptonite ring. How is this an indicator of a significant romantic relationship?

Chloe Sullivan - ("Whisper," Season 3, Ep. 10): Chloe, whose relationship with Clark is one of the longest and most complicated in the series, is Clark's best friend and hides an unrequited love for Clark. She is Lois Lane's cousin and first met Clark in eight grade. In Season 3 "Whisper," Chloe and Clark patch their rocky relationship after Clark discovers that Chloe has been helping Lionel Luthor uncover information about him in exchange for a job at the Daily Planet. Is this the sign of a strong relationship?

I think Lois is my favorite for Clark's relationships. Their friendship and growth of love over time makes their relationship stronger. Plus she has so much spunk and attitude. Her loyalty to the blur is a plus but working at the Daily Planet with Clark Kent made both her and Clark realize they have real chemistry. Clark almost ruins it many times but their love stands the test of time when he realizes he needs her and doesn't want a life without her.

Chloe is to much of a sister and at times she is just a bit to confusing. Plus her role protecting Clark would be complicated if the were involved.

Lana was to toxic and was surrounded with to much Drama all the time. They spent more time trying to protect their relationship than actually having one. Plus Lex was always somewhere in the picture. I was glad when they finally took her out of the picture.

Tell me which relationship of Clark's is your favorite and why by commenting below.

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