Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smallville: Rivalries

I am doing this fun project as part of the Warner Brothers Word of Mouth team, in honor of the upcoming release of the Complete Series of Smallville. I love Smallville. You will too if you watched it. As soon as I started I was hooked. Granted I was sad to hear that this show was coming to an end. But I can't wait to see the show finale.

What is more interesting than Clark's love life is his rivalries. The one that sticks out the most famous to me is Lex Luther. They started out best friends and turned into enemies. They had a love - hate relationship! Even when fighting each other you get the impression they still care about each other. Lex always competed with Clark over everything! He wanted everything of Clark's.

Another Rival of Clark's I find interesting besides Lex is the alternate Clark. It is a bit creepy to see an evil Clark. This Clark is Clark Luther instead of Clark Kent. Clark gets to see why Lex turned out the way he did and sees what would happen if he too was raised by Lyonel Luther.

My favorite rival of Clarks will always be Lex though! He was big part of the show and always seem to hold the most power I think. Just like my favorite girl in Clark's life will be Louis verses Lana.

Smallville rocks! Once you start watching you have to watch it to the very end. Because you can't help but wonder what happens next! I am so going to miss that! Plus girls let's face it Clark Kent is hot! Who wouldn't get lost in those eyes!

What is your favorite Rival! Comment below and tell me who you would choose!

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