Sunday, April 3, 2011

Check Out BareMinerals Skincare Launch

"Bare Escentuals represents love, understanding, and Community. It’s a trusted source. It’s the belief that products can actually be good, makeup can be fun, business can be personal and companies can behave more like communities.

It’s an optimistic outlook shared by women everywhere who believe that while makeup can’t change the world, it can change people. And people who are inspired can make all the difference.

It began when we asked women to imagine a makeup that would actually change the way they feel about their skin and themselves. Bare Escentuals encouraged women to take a leap and try something so unique, so unlike anything they’ve experienced before. They started the idea that makeup could actually be considered skincare, and they got people talking. A makeup that could be good for you? The Bare Escentuals community was born. They became friends with our customers, forging deep, personal connections simply by listening and sharing stories."

Well BareMinerals AKA Bare Escentuals is introducing a new skincare line. This is pretty cool since they already make makeup that is healthy for you but now they also make skincare to go along with the healthy makeup. I really want to try these products out. They have made cleansers, moisturizers, and treatment products. Sounds pretty awesome to me.
This is a Skincare Firming Eye Treatment. Boy I could really use this! This helps fight age and makes your eyes look younger. This would be great for all those fine lines around your eyes. This product is only priced at $28.00.

This is a Deep Cleansing Foam. I really want to try this I hear this is a good way to rid of those unwanted blemishes. This is a non-drying formula bursts into a rich lather when activated with water to deep clean pores. Sounds pretty awesome huh! This awesome cleansing product is priced at $20.00.
This is a Purely Nourishing Cream designed to improved firmness, elasticity, radiance and skin texture. This is great for those who are in the sun a lot or for those reaching 30's. It is important to start taking care of our skin early. I would love to try this product also. This product is priced at $28.00.

These are just a few of the products from the BareMinerals Skincare Launch. To view more of these awesome products visit their website. Now it's more than just makeup!

All Bare Escentuals products are made with the most healthy mineral great for all skin types. All women would find the proper products at Bare Escentuals that are right for their skin and lifestyle. If there was anyway I would have a bathroom full of Bare Escentuals Products!

BareMinerals Skincare is A transformative new way of caring for your skin that’s simple, super-effective and incredibly easy to use. Powered by 100% pure RareMinerals Active Soil Complex, enjoy increased cell turnover, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and the famous bareMinerals Naturally Luminous glow. Sounds nice and refreshing doesn't it! Every once in a while we need to replenish our skin. In time it loses a lot of it's nutrients.

Visit the Bare Escentuals website and tell me which new skincare product you would love to try!

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Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by MomFuse and Bare Escentuals. I may be given a sample of their products as compensation for this post. All opinions are mine and can't be purchased.


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