Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simply Bags Stylish Laptop Bag Review

"Simply Bags is a specialty monogram and embroidery shop offering personalized tote bags. Beautiful, personal and useful gifts. Colorful and bright combinations."

I received a Stylish Laptop Bag from Simply Bags for review! I love it! It has my initials embodied on the bag with my initials in this order First Initial, Last Initial, and Middle Initial last. It looks really cool and it is perfect for toting a laptop to work or school. Very stylish! It is also convienient and easy to use!

My Stylish Laptop is a stylish chocolate and turquoise patent trimmed laptop bag as you can see in the picture up top! Inside there is a zipper pocket. It is very lovely and classic! It has handles and you can tell it was well made with a lot of thought put into the creation of it! This lovely bag is priced at $31.99!

It is actually funny because since I was gone my three old decided it was her bag and she didn't want to let me use it when I got back from my overseas trip. So you can say my daughter loves the way it looks to!

Simply Bags has many other styles and types of bags they offer! It is so cool because they all look so stylish and wonderful! I just love bags! I have several! You can say I kind of collect them so I fell in love with Simply Bags website! It is like being a kid in the Candy Store!
This is a Flower Girl Tote from Simply Bags Bridal Bag Collection! It is just lovely! I love the pink ribbon and the name embodied on it! It is perfect for any wedding! This lovely bag is priced at $17.99. How awesome is that! It is extremely reasonable!
I think this is just adorable! This is a Easter Bunney Tote from the Kids Bags Collection from Simply Bags! This is for kids and it comes in pink and blue colors! So this is great for a girl or boy! What an Eater Treat! This is only priced at $16.99!
This is a Crocodile Tote Bag from the Patent Leather Bag Collection from Simply Bags! This is a patent leather bag! This bag comes in chocolate or red with a pebble finish! This bag is priced at only $42.99! Not bad for leather!

Check out Simply Bags for more awesome bag selections! They are also sold at reasonable prices! These would be perfect for most occasions and they would make some awesome gifts! They can also be personalized for your loved ones!

Overall I loved my Stylish Laptop Bag and so did my daughter! It is stylish and works perfect with my lifestyle! The colors are totally cool! I plan on using it on my long trip to Texas.

Check out Simply Bags Cearance Bags for awesome deals.

Disclaimer: I received a sample for review. No other compensation was received for this post or to host a giveaway. All opinions are mine and are valid. My can't be bought or swayed either way.

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  1. Hi! Just getting time to read all the comments I've been getting at Mom is the Only Girl and checking everyone's blogs out! I love the cheeks on your little ones....and the bags........gorgeous!