Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper: Venom and Song Book Review

About The Book:
"Now in the strange realm of Allyra, the Seven young lords confront a traitor in their midst, a creature-infested forest, teenage fears and doubts, inexplicable mysteries . . . and the Spider King himself.

In a rigorous training program that makes boot camp look like Disneyland, the Seven must quickly learn to harness their own powers, work as one, and elude the Spider King's spies. But as the ancient Berinfell Prophecies are revealed, the Seven soon discover their training might not be enough. To stop the Spider King they must also unravel the secrets of the Rainsong, travel to a creepy, trap-infested fortress to find the legendary keystone, and lead the Berinfell Elves in an attack on the Spider King's own turf. An epic adventure with powerful messages about true strength, forgiveness, and working together as one body that will grab the attention of intermediate readers."

My Review:
Venom and Song by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopperis an awesome book for kids filled with action and adventure. I liked this book and I think most young teens would like this book as well. The kids in this book are gifted and learn how to use them well. It get interesting and keeps you reading. This is a good book about the power of team work and friendship.

You can purchase Venom and Song here for $10.19and totally worth it.

Overall I loved Venom and Song and I think most young teens would. It keeps you reading. I would recommend this book to my friends and family.

Disclaimer: I received a sample for review. No other compensation was received for this post or to host a giveaway. All opinions are mine and are valid. My can't be bought or swayed either way.

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