Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

A baby shower is a wonderful celebration a new mom to be and a new life coming into this world. loved ones shower the mother with gifts for her and her new baby to be. I love baby showers. Here are 10 tips to help throw an awesome baby shower.

1) Pick an awesome theme for a baby shower and a spacious place to have the baby shower at. Then decorate for that theme. Buy small things you can usually find at a party supply store, Walmart, or Dollar Store. I usually go with colors and teddy bears for themes. You can never go wrong with those. Bibs make a good table decoration.

2) Pick out awesome games that would be perfect for a baby shower. You can play word games that have a baby theme. You can play a name game. You can play belly games. You can play guessing a jelly bean count game. You can have a diaper changing contest with dolls.

3) Choose the perfect food perfect for events and baby showers. This is usually finger foods and simple foods. I go with sandwich wraps and chocolate. Punch is also a good addition. Cheese crackers also rocks. You must also choose the perfect cake for the baby shower.

4) Invite the right people to the baby shower. Invite people they know and their family. If you have to ask their friends and family they know to get information on possible people who can come.

5) Be sure you pick the perfect gifts and party favors. Pick gifts that the baby and mommy can use. Their are tons of stuff an new mommy can use. You can never go wrong with diapers and baby wipes. A mom always has a need for them.

6) Make sure the guest of honer (the mommy to be) has all the attention. Pamper her! Direct all attention to her and her baby belly. She needs to know she is supported and that her baby is important to everyone too. Plus the guest of honor never works at her own baby shower. She should be served.

7) Have all the guest sign a card to give to the mommy to be. This way she has a list of all the guests at the baby shower. This will make a nice memory.

8) Take plenty of pictures so mommy has memories to share and keep. This is very important to all mommies. This will be something she can show here baby when her baby gets older.

9) Have all the guests write advice on sheets of paper and put it in a keepsake box to give to the mommy to be. This is great because some people who have great experience can share from their experiences. Plus this can be a lot of fun!

10) Remember to assemble a cleanup party. The guest of honor never cleans up at their own party but it still needs to be done.

Remember this is a special time for mom and baby. If you remember this while planning a party you shouldn't go wrong. I have had a baby shower before and it was always a lot of fun. I remember everything about it and I was very thankful to those who threw it. It is always the thought behind it that counts.
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