Thursday, September 9, 2010

10 Ways to make your food Healthier

So I am going to cut to the chase. I love food. I love bacon cheese burgers, pizza, and steaks filled with fat. I really love Mexican food filled with sour cream and cheese. I love it all. It is not really good for me though. America is becoming an obese nation because we are becoming a fast food nation. We all need to find healthier ways to eat and live. Here are 10 tips to eating healthier and getting back to a better lifestyle:

1. This is very important! Cut back on eating out. Not so much fast food. Fast Food is filled with fat but it was convenient so many people eat out a lot. If you must eat out try to eat more chicken instead of read meat. Eat backed potatoes or veggies instead of mashed potatoes. Eat salads. Their are foods you can choose to eat that are healthier if you must eat out.

2. Salads can be healthy but they can also be unhealthy too. Remember the more you add to your salads the more fat and calories you are adding to your salad. Try to stay away from fattening salad dressing. Don't eat so much meats and croutons on your salad. Don't cover your salad with cheese. Keep everything light! Keep your salads in proportion. You can make a really delicious healthy salad. I like low fat Italian dressing.

3. Cokes are a bad habit people people pick up. They are so yummy and so convenient because they are in machines everywhere. They are filled with sugar though and they are bad for your teeth. Try Coke Zero. It taste close to the real thing with no sugar. Also drink more water. Water helps cleanse your system and it is healthier than Coke.

4. Snack machines. Try to avoid them. Most are filled with junk food. If you do have to eat from a snack machines choose healthier snacks to eat. They have peanuts and crackers. These are small and light. They will fill you without packing on the pounds. Just don't over do it by eating 3 packs of peanuts at a time. Everything should be in proportions.

5. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits for snacks instead of chips or candy. This is a more healthier alternative and they will fill you. This also will help give you nutrients your body needs. A little salt and pepper and these can be pretty tasty.

6. Eat more chicken and tuna for meats. This is much better than red meats. They are less fat and they can fill your hunger. You can prepare them with lemon and they taste wonderful. Their is also other seasoning you can use that will help with them taste yummy. I love lemon chicken.

7. Try to avoid using so much butter on your foods. If you must use butter use very little. Butter is filled with fat and can also help put on the pounds.

8. Proportions are very important to eating healthy. Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, only use a tablespoon of peanut butter and jelly. Remember more always means more fat and calories. Try to stay within limits.

9. Baking your foods is better than frying. Frying usually means using grease. Baking means you can cook healthy. Baked chicken is yummy! If you must fry your food then cook in coconut oil. This will make your food healthy and it will even ad flavor.

10. Everyone loves Pizza! I love Pizza! But Pizza is one of the most fattening foods you can eat. If you choose to eat pizza you can have 1 slice without everything piled on. This way you can still eat a yummy delicious pizza without overdoing it. This is a healthy alternative anyway! You can ad a salad with it so you can make sure you get filled so you are not hungry later.

These are just some ways you can eat better and come closer to a better healthier lifestyle. I promise you will also feel better when you are healthier. Eating better I feel better about myself. When I eat fatty foods I always feel fat. Try it out for yourself and see what I am talking about!

Don't you think it is time to eat smart!

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  1. Hey, I'm mexican, and I cook healthy, you are invited to try my food, anytime you want; hehehe.