Thursday, August 26, 2010

World-Class Tutoring and High-Quality Content for Students Around the World

Does your child need help with learning how to divide, does your child need help with algebra equations,  does your child need help with pre-agebra, does your child need help with standard form, does your child need help with a slope formula, does your child need help with math word problems, and does your child need help passing a math practice test! Now you can go online and find the tutoring your child needs! uses the computer to make learning more interesting and fun. Your child works one-on-one with a professional tutor in a secure web environment using your existing computer web browser. Both tutor and student draw and write to share problems, solutions and explanations, on the virtual whiteboard workspace. Your child can get unlimited tutoring for all the subjects they need help with. How awesome is that! is on a mission to make world-class education accessible and affordable, to create a leading global education services internet company, and leverage technology, education and management and improve the lives of students around the world. offers a TutorVista 'Get Ahead Summer Program'. It gets your child ahead of the class and increases their chance of getting into college. The GetAhead program helps your kids learn key concepts like reading, writing, problem solving and vocabulary which are essential skills for school. This gives students a chance to start working on next years syllabus so they have a chance to get ahead in their classes. They are offering free SAT and ACT prep as part of their summer program for a chance at a better score.

Prices very for 1 week from K-12 is priced at $34.99. 1 week of college preparation is priced at $74.99. Take a Business English course for $100.00. How awesome are those prices!

I think th e best feature about is that your child can do it in the privacy of their own home where they are comfortable and they can go at their own pace. This is even great for adults going back to school.

Go to and order your child their very own personal tutor!


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