Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Vampire Diaries complete 1st season launches 8/31

I am a huge fan of the CW series The Vampire Diaries. I was very lucky to receive the complete 1st season 5 disc DVD set before the official launch. Granted I have already scene the entire 1st season of Vampire Diaries! I watch it with my husband and we love it. It is sexy, dark, romantic, and mysterious. I can't help but love Damon. He is a bad boy but he still has a few admiral qualities when it comes to Elena. Stefan is the good brother but always seems to struggle with his brother and control his urges. Elena brings out the best in both brothers! The show is about two Vampire brothers named Stephan and Damon who are both in love with the same girl named Elena who looks a lot like Katherine a bad girl Vampire girl they were in love with years ago. Katherine is also the Vampire that turned both brothers all that time ago. The brothers both return to their home town of Mystic Falls Virginia for different reasons where they meet up with Elena. That is when all the drama begins!

The set I received contains all 22 exciting episodes plus over 8 hours of special features, some of the extra features including a funny gag reel called "Second Bite", cool unaired scenes, the popularity of vampires and fans who love them and the downloadable audio book by LT Smith called "The Awakening". All are very fun to watch! I have to warn you though once you start watching this series you will not be able to stop! It is addicting!

Overall I loved the Vampire Diaries. I think this show is a must see. The Vampire Diaries CW series is the adaptation of the popular series of novels written by LJ Smith! Season one was full drama and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I never can wait till the next episode watching this show. Damon is the darker bad boy and in my opinion the sexier of the two brothers, but he also has a sweet side many do not get to see, especially when it comes to Elena. I would choose to take him home out of the two brothers. My favorite episode is the last one "Founder's Day". It kept me glued to the TV especially when Katherine surfaced at the end pretending to be Elena! Now I can't wait till next season to see what happens!

Tell me who would you take home choosing between the two Salvatore brothers!

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  1. I think Stefan is a better match for Elena, but I prefer Damon, especially in the books.. he's dark and can be selfish but really he's just a romantic