Monday, August 16, 2010

Date Night DVD Review

About The Movie
Tina Fey and Steve Carell play a typical, tired married couple who go out on a date that goes horribly wrong. It is super funny! Any married couple with overwhelming jobs and a couple of kids would love this movie. It starts out with a misunderstanding and then it turns into an adventure when one thing after another goes wrong. 

My Review
I was lucky enough to receive Date Night for review. I am a huge fan of Steve Carell. He and the movies he is in are always funny. Tina Fey who makes a great Sarah Palin lookalike was made a pretty convincing overworked wife and mom. I loved this movie and I shared this movie with my friends who also loved this movie. It is the perfect date movie for married couples.

I did not notice any negatives to report about Date Night!

This movie is priced at $16.99 here.

Overall: I would recommend this movie!

Disclaimer: I received a DVD for review. No other compensation was received for this post or to host a giveaway. All opinions are mine and are valid. My can't be bought or swayed either way.


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