Monday, August 16, 2010

Check Out these Awesome Soda Siphons

The iSi Group is the largest manufacturer of high quality cream whippers, food whippers, and soda siphons. In food service for back of the house, front of the house, and bar. The iSi System is the proven choice of top restaurant chains around the world. Their products can be purchased through most foodservice distributors, cash & carry outlets, leading retail and gourmet specialty stores, catalogs, online, and from our iSi Store. Soda Chargers are 100% recyclable. iSi Soda System is great for adding a fizzy touch to cocktails, fruit juices, ice cream sodas, and more.

Si Cream Whipper is faster, easier, and twice the volume. Whipped cream made using the iSi System is real whipped cream. It’s fresher, contains no artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives, and can be customized to your flavor and sweetness preferences.
iSi Soda Siphon prepares awesome pure soda water, sparkling refreshments and cocktails with the following features:
  • Available in three decorative colors with food-safe internal coating
  • Easy disassembly with an internal measuring tube to protect against overfilling
  • Precision threads and pressure relief valve for the highest degree of comfort and safety
The Soda Siphon is priced at 69.99 at the iSi Store. The iSi store has many other awesome products at their online store. The best part about these awesome products is that they are affordable. Check it out and see for yourself. 
    The iSi Group specializes in many different cream dispensers like the following:
    • iSi Cream Profi Whip PLUS
    • iSi Gourmet Whip PLUS
    • iSi Thermo Whip PLUS
    • iSi Thermo XPress Whip
    Disposable gas-filled cylinders from iSi Components have many beneficial properties in common. They are portable, compact, economic, lightweight and can be a powerful source of energy.

    These iSi Group offers many awesome products that would be perfect for any food establishment and homes of food lovers everywhere.

    The iSi website offers many awesome recipes on their website. You can find a new recipe to tryout your new Siphon or cream dispenser with.  iSi also displays instructions on our to use these wonderful kitchen must haves right on their website.

    Buy your own Soda Siphon today!

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