Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Kisses and Relationships from Season 3 of Gossip Girl

I love Gossip Girl! Have you been watching Gossip Girl Season 3! It is getting sizzling hot! There is so much drama I just love it. There is so much chemistry between Serena, Dan, Blair and Chuck you just want to keep watching.
My favorite relationship on Gossip Girl is Lilly and Rufus! They seem to have a deep connection and a deeper love. Plus they have a history. They seem to keep their family together and the mediator in their kids lives.
Chuck and Blair have a lot of complicated baggage full of lies and games. You can call their relationship unhealthy but at the same time they are almost perfect for each other. They have a very passionate relationship and you can see it every time they are near each other.
Dan and Vanessa were so cute together. They started out as best friends but soon realized it was more but I think cute became boring for them. This became a problem in their relationship and soon Dan longed for something different.
Serena and Nate seemed to really hit it off after he proved himself a hero. Plus his feeling for her have survived many hits over the years. I kind of hated seeing this relationship cool. I think these two where good together. Nate really seemed to calm Serena. I think Jenny causing problems between them did not help but made Serena realized they had some real problems. Plus Serena kept to many secrets from Nate and turning to Dan for support. They pretty muchly were both to blame in this "break".
Now Dan and Serena might eventually happen! A least that is what Gossip Girl Season 3 lets you believe but the season finale will blow you away! Well the end anyway! Could Dan be a father? You will have to watch to find out for yourself.

I have so many favorite scenes from Gossip Girl! You can view these awesome clips here and choose your favorite clips for yourself. Also those of you who don't watch Gossip Girl! Take it from me, once you start you can't stop! Check it out for yourself!

Tell me about some of your favorite relationships and love scenes from Gossip Girl;-)
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