Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jo Coudert: The Dog Who Healed a Family Book Review & Giveaway (3 Winners)

Book Description
"I am a huge animal lover. I especially love dogs. In THE DOG WHO HEALED A FAMILY, veteran animal writer Jo Coudert gathers the at-turns endearing, hilarious, and inspiring stories of special animal and human relationships that have pushed the boundaries of care and nurturing, and led to extraordinary bonds of love.

Not-so-ordinary household pets are heros in many of Coudert’s stories like the ones listed below:

· A German shepherd, adopted by a teenager with terminal cancer, outlives the boy and becomes the “Good Shepherd” for untold other children suffering with chronic and life-threatening diseases.

· Another shepherd travels the world as a rescue dog, lending its keenly trained senses to helping find survivors of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

· One aging dog was so beloved by its relocated family that a “puppy express,” modeled on the old Pony Express, was organized to reunite them."

My Review
The Dog Who Healed a Family by Jo Coudert made me feel all warm inside. Their are so many wonderful stories about amazing dogs and the wonderful things they do for love. I was amazed with these dogs and stories. If you love dogs you are going to love these stories.

Overall I loved this book and would recommend this book to my friends and family.

This book is priced at $7.88 here.

Win It
3 lucky Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles readers will win a copy of The Dog Who Healed a Family for themselves.

To enter tell me about your pet and how they have impacted your family. If you don't have a pet tell me about a past pet.

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  1. I will just speak collectively on all the past animals that I've had because unfortunately, I don't have any at the moment. When you have a pet, they become a member of your family and it is so nice to have them grow with you and share in the experience. ...

  2. We adopted brother and sister kitties from the animal shelter and called them Nip & Tuck. What can I say except they are just members of our family that we love unconditionally.

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    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. My little Poodle passed away last year. He was a member of our family for almost 18 years. He brought happiness into our lives and he was just the best family pet. I think about him everyday and I will always miss him.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. I am email subscribed.

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  10. We had a red border collie that just passed away a couple weeks ago. She was such a sweetheart and we miss her terribly. She loved to play ball and frisbee, even when she couldn't get around too well. She was always loving and so well behaved. Everyone who met here just loved her.



  12. My son was very angry as a child because I divorced his dead-beat father when he was two. His cat became his best friend and was a very positive influence. Now my son is a good kid who just joined the army.

  13. We had a wonderful dog that we adopted from a local pound. This puppy was so loyal. One day she sat near the stove and barked continually; she wouldn't stop barking. Finally I called the handyman in to have a look. It turned out we had a gas leak and the stove was about to explode. Bambina had saved our family. I don't take anything for granted anymore.\


  14. we own a cat, rescued from a shelter. He went from shy kitten to a big boy with huge personality

  15. Taffy, the family golden retriever, would sit sentry while the little ones were potty trained!

  16. Christina - - My mother lived in the deep woods of the Kettle Moraine and had her dog Birdie there with her as her guard (against other animals, there were wild ones there, and strangers who'd drive up to the hosue). Birdie is a German Shepherd Husky mix, very beautiful (so much so that people comment every time that I walk her), and very
    intelligent, but I was reluctant about taking her because I didn't want to own a dog in the city and constantly have to walk her. However since my two other brothers were unable to take her, I did, and oh! what a change has occurred because of Birdie - because she's so loyal, primarily, and sweet! Last year I had an unexpected serious illness and Birdie was right there with me every minute, literally licking my tears away as I cried! Because I had to walk her I was inspired to go out and heal more quickly, and now I just LOVE taking long walks along the lakeshore with her! My life really changed because of her, and I love her very much - most of all because she just initially unconditionally loved me, as I spoke to her in Ukrainian just like my mother used to do!

  17. I used to have a hamster, but now my brother is caring for it. (I moved, and landlady dislikes hamsters) I have a hard time making friends so it was always soothing to hold the hamster and talk to him. I still get to see him. They don't live very long but can be wonderful pets if you know how to take care of them.

    It's funny, my stepmom was concerned about the hamster because this one is weird and doesn't like wheels, so he runs back and forth for hours...looks very odd!

  18. I follow you on Google Friend Connect.


    This isn't giveaway related, but you might find it interesting that dogs are used with children with autism now too. I noticed a lot of autistic people (like me!) feel a close connection to animals. They don't judge you or have confusing things like sarcasm. (and their body language is MUCH easier to read)

  19. My dog Sam is a great addition to my family. He can make any of us smile by just curling up next to us or shaking his tail.

  20. We now have a conure named Doctor Keats he makes this screaching sound everytime we come in the room.It so nice to be loved

  21. our baby girl samantha keeps us healthy because we take her on walks
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  22. this sounds great i need a book to chear me up

  23. Heidi was adopted through a rescue agency three weeks after we had to put down our beloved Hope. It was hard adopting another dog but she needed us as much as we needed her. She is such a ray of sunshine and loves everything about life!

  24. I adopted my cat, Sterling, from an animal shelter a year ago and she is just a pleasure. She is a great friend to me and is definitely part of the family.
    ncschools at yahoo dot com