Friday, June 11, 2010


At MomSelect, we're always looking for products, services and special deals that give us the most bang for our buck. And this summer, we're on the hunt for tips and tricks that allow us to entertain our families by keeping our costs low, but the fun level high! Luckily, we were just introduced to a great way to beat the heat and stay hydrated from our friends at RaceTrac.

If you're always on the go with a drink in your hand, you have to check out the new RaceTrac Freefill Cup. Available for only $6.99 at your local RaceTrac location, this cool cup entitles you to FREE refills from their impressive fountain for the entire summer. From now until August 1st, you and your family can be sipping all of the refreshing drinks you love, without any additional charges!

From soft drinks to lemonade and iced tea, there is no shortage of options for mixing up your favorite beverage. If you're in the mood to play fountain drink bartender, make sure you check out the "Kamikaze Missions" promotion on Facebook. And don't forget to "like" RaceTrac on Facebook to get updates on future deals and promotions.

How awesome is this promotion!

This promotion was brought to you by RaceTrac and MomSelect. All opinions are mine and are valid. My opinion can not be bought or swayed either way.


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