Saturday, June 5, 2010

Momcepts Product Review

I am super excited because I received some products from Momcepts for review. I could use some organization in my life. I received list caddy, koala pouch, and koalabiner for review. I was happy with all these products. They sure made some easy tasks easy to complete.
List Caddy makes shopping easy because it holds your shopping lists and coupons in place on shopping carts. Now you don't have to worry about hanging on to them or searching your purse for them. The List Caddy holds them securely in place. This is so awesomely convenient. The List Caddy is available for $1.99 each and comes in 6 colors here.
Koalabiner the Purse Hanger holds your purse securely in place no matter what you are doing. Click this to your purse while you are shopping and the shopping purse. You purse won't fall or get taken. How awesome is that. I love this product. It is priced $3.49 here.
Koala  Shopping Organizer is a great product to have on shipping trips. It is great for holding shopping lists, coupons, or even the Food Lion MVP Card. How cool is this. It has dividers.It has a pocket in front for cell phones. It wraps securely around the shopping cart handles with velcro tabs. This product is priced at $14.95 here.

Overall I was pleases with these products. I use them to keep me organized on my shopping trips. I would recommend this product to my friends and family. Plus these products are affordable. The writing on the List Caddy does fade off.

Check out more information on Momcepts at their website here.

Their is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Disclaimer: I received samples for review. No other compensation was received for this post or to host a giveaway. All opinions are mine and are valid. My can't be bought or swayed either way.


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