Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Michelle Woo's fiance, Matt, is her balancer.  "He’s logical, practical and unflinching.  I, on the other hand, am a spaz."  Read the other ways in which they compliment each other.

One of Loralee Choate's favorite people is her best friend Michelle.  "We both DEEPLY admire and appreciate the things in the other that we lack ourselves.  It makes us work as an amazing, awesome team."

Despite the 26 year age gap, Kirida and her husband's relationship makes sense.  "We both have the same beliefs about life, parenting and marriage.  We make each other laugh."  Read more about how her husband supported her interest in stand-up comedy!

Jenny from Jenny on the Spot and her friend Lisa are "most like nitro and glycerin…She makes me laugh until I snort… I make her laugh to the point of peeing.  If laughter is the best medicine, then Lisa and I are verrrrry well-medicated!" 

Amy from Amy Turn Sharp loves that she has a husband "who will dance with me in shop aisles without flinching!"  Find out what other quirks make them fit.

Kelly from Mocha Momma thanks her daughter for making her work so hard.  "She’s made me laugh and kept me sane.  She’s cheered me on and always been on my side."

Barbara Shallue feels "it took a balance of me and him working together as a team to make our kids mighty fine.  Just like the wrong ratio of salt and pepper can ruin a dish, a little too much of either one of us would have been a child-raising disaster!"

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