Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gail Fraser's Lumby On The Air Book Review

Book Description
"Pam and Mark Walker are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a week-long family reunion and a ceremony renewing their vows. Mark breezily dismisses Pam’s misgiving about temporarily closing Montis Inn and heads off to the county fair, to try his hand at both chainsaw sculpting and sheep shearing, with chaotic--and hilarious--results. Meanwhile, Pam juggles her thrill-seeking mother, who has a new “friend with benefits,” and her non-conformist niece, who posts family secrets in her online blog . Then Mark’s brother-in-law starts broadcasting his radio talk show live from Montis Inn. His remarks disparaging small-town life cause immediate rifts, especially when he sides with a real estate developer who wants to turn Lumby into a Las Vegas version of Aspen. As the controversy pits family against family, and neighbor against neighbor, will the spirit that defines Lumby triumph once again?"
My Review

This is the second book from the Lumby Series I have reviewed and I already love the Lumby Series by Gail Fraser. If you have a crazy family then you will to. I read this Lumby on The Air and so many of the characters reminded me of members of my family. Talking about family drama! Lumpy soon comes under fire and Pam and Marks way of life soon becomes threatened because of a family reunion gone wrong. This has happened to me but without a town in danger part. This book made me laugh and I couldn't help but feel for Pam and Mark.

This is the 5th book in the series.

Overall I loved Lumby on The Air. If you have one of those crazy drama filled families you will to. I would recommend this book.
Check out the Lumby Series website for more information on these awesome books and Gail Fraser.

You can purchase Lumby on The Air here for $10.12.

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