Monday, June 7, 2010

Erin Coss's A Tidbit Romance Book Review

Do feel every now and then you could use some encouragement? I know I have those days! A Tidbit Romance: Falling in Love with God’s Word One Devotion at a Time” by Erin Coss, The Chicken Dance Mama is a spiritual enlightenment that gives you comfort when you need it most and reminds us we are never alone!

A Tidbit Romance reminds me of what role I play as Gods servant and how that can effect me as a wife, mom, and woman. This reminds me of how important it is to connect with God and and to maintain my relationship with him. Reading this book made me feel happy and almost on a lifted high like God was with me. These words will make your day seem much better.

Overall I found this book inspirational. I feel any Christian would enjoy this book and the words of inspiration it has to offer. I would recommend this book and truly loved this book very much.

This wonderful book is priced is priced at $14.99 here.

Disclaimer: I received a sample for review. No other compensation was received for this post or to host a giveaway. All opinions are mine and are valid. My can't be bought or swayed either way.


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  2. This book sounds really good! Thanks for the review!!

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