Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elisa Zied's Nutrition at Your Fingertips Book Review

Description of the book
How many of us preach to our loved ones about the importance of good nutrition. I know that I talk to my husband about eating healthier all the time. Nutrition at Your Fingertips by leading national nutrition expert, Elisa Zied is about important nutritional facts such as the right supplements to choose, detailed information of vitamins and minerals, information on fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins, health weight evaluation, meal planning, and combating disease through nutrition. Food can be a friend not an enemy!

About the Author
A leading national nutrition expert, consultant, writer, author, New York State Dietetic Association media excellence award winner, American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, and a spokesperson for the esteemed American Dietetic Association, Elisa Zied has helped thousands of people enjoy a healthier quality of life. By making nutrition accessible, practical, and fun, Elisa helps people find pleasure, satisfaction, and balance when eating nutritious food.

 My Review
Overall I enjoyed reading Nutrition at Your Fingertips . I felt like I was actually interacting with a real nutritionist. It was full of information and had more of a teaching role with providing valuable information on nutrition. It was a nice change from my other diet plans. This gives you enough information you can create your own dietary plan that will be beneficial to your lifestyle. How awesome is that!

Nutrition at Your Fingertips is priced at $12.89 here.

Learn more about  Elisa Zied and Finger at Your Fingertips at Elisa Zied's official website here.
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