Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BlogHer Reviewers try Carrabba's and give you 8 chances to win a $100 gift card!

Carrabba’s believes that it’s not a great value if the food isn’t great to begin with. That’s the thinking behind the Small Entrées menu. Authentic Italian recipes made with the freshest ingredients, in portions that fit your appetite and your wallet. You don’t have to order more than you want, or pay for more than you eat.

With delicious favorites like homemade soup or fresh salad that start at just $12, Carrabba’s smaller portions menu is designed for you.  It’s a smaller-sized portion of the Carrabba’s food you love and gives you just the right amount to satisfy your appetite.

We recently asked these 8 BlogHer Reviewers to give smaller portions a try. Check out their reviews for 8 chances to win. 

Doughmesstic said, "So…here’s my recommendation. Go to Carrabba’s. Try LOTS of things. I bet you’ll love it. All of it. And get the smaller dinner portions, so that you can have even MORE things to try! It’s Good Stuff. Molto bene."

Dianne said, "The food was great, our server Elizabeth was fabulous and the atmosphere was just perfect! You can't ask for a better evening than that!" Read more and enter to win at Dianne's Dishes!

Southern Grace Gourmet said, "We loved the new smaller portions menu. It was all the great foods we love, in perfect smaller portions. These new sizes fit our appetite and the lower prices were more budget friendly."

Shirley from Gluten Free Easily said, "Carrabba’s made the grade plus some, so we’ll definitely return."

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality said, "Carrabba’s for me has always been a consistently good restaurant over the years and I have thoroughly enjoyed all my meals from them.  And I love the fact that they grill all their meats, a huge plus for flavor."

Jaime from Good Eats 'n Sweet Treats said, "Everything was delicious and well prepared. I particularly enjoyed the spinach, but if you ask my husband, I also had a large portion of his mashed potatoes too! The best part? We both got to order what we were in the mood for, and we still had room for dessert at the end!"

Cookin' Canuck said, "Even though we each ordered the small portion sizes, we left feeling satisfied. In fact, I would even say that we felt relatively guilt-free, both nutritionally and monetarily. Good food, good wine, and good friends all add up to one very pleasant evening." Check out the rest of her review!

Recently Ended:
Melody from Cheat Day Cafe said, "My husband raved about the Pork Chop Marsala. I had a bite and I must say that it was bursting with flavor. I am getting that next time! I was happy to hear him say that the small portion size was perfect for him. He was completely satisfied."

So come in tonight and try Carrabba's Small Entrées. Because sometimes, less is amore. Carrabba’s Italian Grill.

Click here to check out the new menu or to find a Carrabba's location near you.

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