Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blogher is Giving you 8 Chances to Win $125 from POWERADE PLAY

POWERADE PLAY is POWERADE’s new sports drink for the young athlete.  With just 60 calories per 12 fluid ounce bottle, it has 25% less sugar than traditional sports drinks.

The 8 bloggers below and their young athletes gave POWERADE PLAY a try and shared their tips on how they keep their young athletes active and keep their sanity while doing it! 

Each blogger is also giving away $125, so check out their reviews for 8 more chances to win!

Dawn from Must Love Tots says, "Getting them to drink something that is good for them while we are out and about, here and there, is tricky." Read how POWERADE PLAY does the trick!

Megan Silva is so glad her sons have inherited her love for sports and the outdoors. See what they thought of POWERADE PLAY at Simple Chaos for a chance to win!

With two kids playing sports, POWERADE PLAY helps Stephanie from Totally Together Journal keep her kids hydrated. Check out her review and enter to win!

Kimberly from Petroville knows that she needs to maintain a healthy diet and good fitness to be a role model for her entire family. Read why she was thrilled to try POWERADE PLAY!

"It's "cool" like the big guys (high school boys, LOL) drink!", said Katie's kids. Read more at Cold Noodles for Breakfast.

"Sports play a huge role in my family's life - whether it is playing competitive sports or goofing around in the background, our lives revolves around a sports field.", said Xiaolin Mama. Check out her review for a chance to win $125!

Check out Carmen from Mom to the Screaming Masses' video to see what her team thought of POWERADE PLAY!

After a sip, Herding Squirrels liked POWERADE PLAY so much she tried to sneak away it from her young athelete. “MOM!” she scolds, catching her mid-swig, “I’m the athlete. That’s my drink.” Read why they loved POWERADE PLAY for your chance to win!

This contest is brought to you by Blogher here. Go and enter more of their awesome giveaways for a chance to win prizes.


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