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Many of you know about from the commercials on TV. They will usually buy books that are in high demand. For example, if you have bought books for your college classes and you have finished those classes well now you have books you no longer need. You can sell your books to and get some extra cash. How totally cool is that!

Not only does buy used textbooks but they buy newer books. This is awesome becuase you can buy a book you really want to read then resell it after you are done. They will send their payment via check or PayPal. This is why I love this website so much. You can really make some money as well as get rid of old unwanted books!

Here are some awesome features about
Check this out. has partnered up with This means someone can donate their book sale payment directly to classroom projects via a "Giving Code" (like a gift certificate) they choose on People can effectively recycle books lying around and use them to fund classrooms in real need across the country. The really neat part is that the customer gets to "shop" among hundreds of projects for the one that speaks to them. They can donate $5 to one & $5 to another, or donate the full amount to one project. You get thank you letters from the classrooms as well. The best part is it costs nothing to donate books and you can help someone in need.

I think it is awesome that is giving back to the community. It is time more people joined that cause. Go through your old books. Find the ones you no longer read and donate them. Just because you no longer read them doesn't mean someone else won't! Your old books could help others! Think about it!


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