Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buy Limoges Boxes and Figurines at an Affordable Price is a small family owned business that has one goal and that is to share the beauty of the ancient tradition and art of limoges porcelain boxes with their customers. They provide the largest selection of the highest quality limoges works on the web. Check out the picture above. This is one of their top selling limoges. This is the saxophone. It is priced at $197 and it is retailed at $294. That is a big savings and this is a beautiful piece of art.
Limoges objects were first collected by French royals and nobles. They are all very beautiful and would make wonderful gifts for any occasion. offers limoges in a variety of styles in many different categories and prices.
At limoges boxes and figurines can sorted by category, price, sale items or bestsellers to find the perfect limoge box for you. How awesome is that. Their website is so easy to use.
I felt like a kids in a candy store looking around at I found so many wonderful limoges boxes that I fell in love with. Plus they not only sell boxes but they also offer limoges figurines. You can tell they put a lot of time and detail in each limoge box. Check out the picture above. This is my favorite. It is a Fairy on Flower. It is priced at $377 but it is retailed at $517. I love the coloring and I love fairies!

Visit for more information and for a list of their beautiful affordable limoges boxes and figurines. You will always find something you love!


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