Saturday, May 1, 2010

BeadifulBABY Bracelet Review

"BeadifulBABY was founded with the goal of creating smiles and memories with fine custom heirloom jewelry and gifts personalized for mother, baby, and family - designed by you.

Their fine baby jewelry and fine children's jewelry has been a part of thousands of christening, baptism, first communion, and wedding ceremonies. Their fine mother's jewelry and fine family jewelry has been a part of many of mother's day, new baby, anniversary, and other meaningful and joyous celebrations. Each BeadifulBABY fine jewelry item they hand create captures the personal style and essence of the loved one it's created for because it's designed by you. At BeadifulBABY you can custom-create an individually unique heirloom keepsake your loved one will cherish and treasure from a variety of fun and varied options. Their family of brands include BeadifulBABY, My First Pearls, Adorable Engravables, and TomorrowsBABY.

BeadifulBABY uses only the finest-grade materials and components for your custom handmade jewelry. They handcraft all BeadifulBABY custom jewelry in Frisco, Texas, U.S.A. from component parts made both in the U.S.A. and globally. All component parts are quality 92.5 sterling silver, 14k, 18k, or 22k yellow or white gold as indicated. We use fine Freshwater and Akoya cultured pearl gemstones, colored gemstones, and the best stringing components manufactured in California by SoftFlex™.

They offer complimentary gift packaging option packaging your beautiful keepsake gift is carefully in a gorgeous satin and lace jewelry pouch placed inside an eco-friendly gift box adorned with ribbon and one satin flower which is then surrounded by colorful and elegant tissue paper. With their signature gift packaging option you get everything in the complimentary package with the addition of gift wrap."
I received a bracelet for my daughter from BeadifulBABY for review. As you can see from the picture above it is beautiful. My daughter was born in August so PERIDOT her birthstone was part of her bracelet. It is also composed of pearls and silver. In fact on a small silver plate on the bracelet her name is engraved on it. On the other side the words Love You are engraved. It also has 2 charms that hand. 1 is a pearl with birthstone charm and the other is a heart charm. It looked fancy and was put together well. Her bracelet came in a size 5 and that is perfect for her.
My daughters BeadifulBABY bracelet came in a fancy box that enclosed another fancy box with the beautiful bracelet inside. There were also 2 nice pouches inside for her bracelet as well. I was impressed with BeadifulBABY's packaging.

My daughter loved her BeadifulBABY bracelet. When we tried it on her we then took it off to put it up for special occasions. She got mad because we took it off her. She like most girls loves beautiful things.

These wonderful bracelets are priced anywhere from $58 - $400. I went on the BeadifulBABY website and tried to recreate the bracelet we received to see how much it would cost to buy it and the price it came up with was $139.00. It just depends on what you are looking for. These would make a wonderful first bracelet for any girl. This is a keepsake she can hang on to and pass along to her kids as an heirloom.
BeadifulBABAY also offers many other products on their website. They offer other bracelets, rings, and necklaces for any occasion and any age. This would be an awesome gift idea for Mother's Day coming up. The wonderful Treasured Moments necklace in the picture above is priced at $185.00 and would be perfect for Mother's Day.

Overall we were very happy with the bracelet we received from BeadifulBABY. We would recommend them to our friends and family. They offer custom quality jewelry at affordable prices depending on what you want to ad to your custom jewelry. My favorite feature about BeadifulBABY's jewelry is that you can create your own design on their website. This way you are guaranteed to get what you want.

Go the the BeadifulBABY website here for information on these awesome products.

You can connect with BeadifulBABY on Twitter.

You can connect with BeadifulBABY on Facebook.

This is just a product review. In no way is this post supposed to sway anyone’s beliefs or criticize anyone’s beliefs. It is just my opinion on this product. I have my own beliefs and I respect that others have theirs. My experience may be different from other people’s experiences. This product may be for some people and not for others. These are just my honest opinions on this product and nothing more. 


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