Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Announcement: Effective Immediately Email Addresses Must Be Included

I value all my readers. Please understand I am only trying to make the winner process go easier for everyone. Now effective immediately you must include an email address in your comment when entering any of my giveaways. If you don't then I will do a redraw and your entry will be disqualified. This way it will be easier to contact the winner instead of me trying to search around for an email address. You can also make your email address your display name to make things easier if you wish. This can be found under account settings.

Thanks for all your understanding and for entering my giveaways at Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles!


  1. Yes - address need to be included - much easier.

    Thanks for following! Following back..


  2. Hi,you have a beautful blog!
    greeting,Jani from Finland!


  3. Question - my email address is in my profile, so does this count? I don't publically post my email address, which is why, when posting on blogs, I make sure I'm logged in with google, and my address is visible in my profile.

    Just asking for clarification :)

    thanks! :)

  4. Question/Clarification - my email address is visible in my profile, so do I still have to post it? I prefer not to post my email publically, which is why I have a google profile and sign in before commenting.

  5. I understand that some might hesitate to list their personal emails in their comments but if they list the emails in their profiles then people will still be able to aquire them anyway. I suggest creating an email for your sweeps that you use only for that purpose. This way noone will have your personal email. Just remember to check it everyday. But you still need to leave an email in your comments. This way bloogers can go to the comment and email easily.

    Jeanette H