Sunday, March 28, 2010

South of France Natural Body Care Product Review

"The South of France Mission:
South of France Natural Body Care is obsessed with the little guy. We’re so obsessed, in fact, that we’ll guarantee we have a product that’s perfect for you. All our products are crafted specifically to whisk you away from the ordinary — to break your routine and transform the time you spend in the shower into your daily luxurious getaway. An industry innovator and leader, South of France is dedicated to making natural body care options more accessible to individuals and families by emphasizing affordability and the idea that we can build safer, natural, better-for-you soaps, lotions and body washes."

As a woman I love shampoos, perfume, soap, and other skin products. That is why I was so excited when I was chosen to review some products from the South of France Body Care Products.

South of France is a company based in Greensboro NC which specializes in soaps lotions and fabulous body washes. This company is actually near me. I live in Jacksonville NC.  Their products are kettle cooked in small batches and is made with all natural ingredients. All their products are free of sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, EDTA, paraben and phthalates and never tested on animals. How awesome is this.

I received Acai Pomegranate Body Wash, Shea Butter Body Wash, Lemon Mint Hand & Body Soap, Cucumber Aloe Soap, and Mango Soap. I love South of France and its awesome bath and body products.

South of France Body Washes are free of Synthetic Degreasing Agents, Foaming Agents, and Toxins. I received both Acai Pomegranate and Shea Butter scented body washes. I loved the Acai Pomegranate Body Wash best. It smells so wonderful and yummy. The Shea Butter Body Wash was OK. It smelled creamy lotion like almost. My skin after using this felt replenished and soft. The South of France Body Washes costs roughly $5.99 each here.

South of France Soaps contain 100% vegetable oil based, containing soothing oils and contains moisturizing Shea butter in a long lasting 8.8 oz. bar. I received both Cucumber Aloe and Mango scented soaps. It is so hard to choose which one I like most. Cucumber Aloe left me smelling fresh plus I love aloe. The Mango left me smelling yummy and fruity. Both were wonderful. My skin felt clean after using this product. It wasn't dry like how other soaps make peoples skin feel. The South of France French Milled Soaps costs $5.39 each here.

South of France Liquid Soaps are French Milled & refined three times to last longer, made with 100% Certified Premium Palm, Kettle Cooked in small batches using Traditional French Recipes, made with Premium Olive & Coconut Vegetable Oils. It almost sounds delicious! I received Lemon Mint scented Liquid Soap. It was wonderful it smelled lemon and fresh like. My hands felt refreshed after using it. The South of France Liquid Soaps costs $10.29 each here.

I loved all my products that I received from the South of France and it is hard to choose a favorite. If I had to choose a favorite it would be the Acai Pomegranate Body Wash. It smells to yummy. I can't find any reason not to purchase products from the South of France. I would recommend these products to my friends and family.

The South of France has many awesome bath and body products in all different scents at affordable prices. You can check the out here.

You can check out awesome coupons where you can save on the South of France products here.

You can read the South of France Core Values here.

For awesome updates on these wonderful products from the South of France follow them on Twitter here and fan them on Facebook here.

Disclaimer: South of France provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.


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