Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exciting General Hospital Activity Report

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"Dante coming thisclose to getting to the truth of who killed Claudia. Great scene between Dante and Michael on Friday. Already, Dante's developing brotherly/protective feelings for Michael (you can tell by how Dante doesn't smack Michael in his face). But he keeps inching closer and closer to the truth, and the best part is that he doesn't even know it! He still thinks he's working towards a conviction for Sonny. It was all very tense, up to and including Sonny swooping in and throwing Dante out.

While Dante's feelings grow ever more mixed about the prospect of sending his own father to prison, Claire -- the hard-nosed federal prosecutor tasked with bringing Sonny down -- will stop at nothing. And the focus soon turns to Michael, who the prosecution thinks has vital testimony to give. Dante's tasked with interrogating his little brother -- of course not knowing Michael's the real killer -- and Sonny has to defend one son against the other. One thing becomes clear: Sonny, Carly, and Jason need to get Michael out of the country and off the witness stand before he incriminates himself. But can Michael just sit quietly at an island hideout? "

This week, Sonny is already suspected of a murder he didn’t commit, but wants his son’s approval. Family has always been a family guy. His kids mean everything to him. I think he will protect his son Michael at all cost. What do you think?

Sonny is driven to tell the truth about Claudia’s real killer. If Dante finds out the truth, what will he do now?  I think Sonny will eventually be forced to come clean. It will be up to Dante to decide what to do after that. What do you think?

Will he end up sacrificing one son to make good with the other?

Tell me you thoughts about this  exciting story line.

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