Sunday, February 21, 2010

WAT-AAH’s mission is to “reverse the dependency on sugary drinks among America’s children and to make the WAT-AAH! Boy the symbol of healthy hydration and to fight against the greatest threat of our children’s lives – obesity“.

I took the Wat-aah! Challenge. I received 4 bottles of Wat-aah! water for review from Wat-aah! I was very happy with my results. I received Bones, Body, Energy, and Brain flavors for review. Wat-aah’s mission is to help fight obesity and other health problems in children.
I put the 4 bottles of Wat-aah! in my refridgerator. A bit later I tried a bottle. In a few days I had drank them all. They tasted quite refreshing. I was very pleased. There was not nasty after taste. It tasted pure. It was better than the water from the facet. I liked them very much. I could not taste a difference in their tastes.
I think this would be an awesome refreshment to encourage your kids to drink. I think many children and adults could benefit a lot from Wat-aah! Water.


  • Wat-Aah! Body is plain, purified water
  • Wat-Aah! Brain contains added electrolytes
  • Wat-Aah! Energy contains added electrolytes and oxygen
  • Wat-Aah! Bones contains added calcium
The down side is Wat-aah! is not sold in the stores in my area! If it were I would buy it! Wat-ahh! Costs $1.50 per bottle so it is not to pricey.

Overall , I enjoyed Wat-aah! and would recommend to it to my friends and family. I think this would be a great benefit to peoples health.

You can find more information on Wat-aah! here at their website.

I received a sample for review as compensation for this post.


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