Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Serotonin Power Diet Book Review

How many of us become emotional and depressed then overeat or eat junk. It sounds like many people. It has been proven over time with many studies that depression and emotions contribute to obesity.

The Serotonin Power Diet by Judith J. Wurtman, PhD. and Nina T. Frusztajer, MD is a very insightful that explains what serotonin is and why it can help your food cravings. Judith and Nina are practicing weight management specialists that provide an intriguing rationale conventional diets which emphasize high-protein and/or low-carbohydrates, and for their advocacy of high-carbohydrate snacking to help clients shed pounds. The authors report that their clients consistently lose weight and attain their fitness goals on the Serotonin Power Diet. Carbs can be good for you after all.

Serotonin is considered the only food-dependent brain chemical. It is also described as both an appetite suppressant and a mood elevator. Using this science-based plan, dieters will learn how to eat in order to boost serotonin, the brain chemical that shuts off appetite and turns on feelings of calm. This clinically tested program is also the first to offer antidepressant users an effective way to lose extra weight associated with their medication.

The Serotonin Power Diet is a 12-week program of low fat, controlled calorie, controlled protein, and high carbohydrate eating, plus exercise. This plan has more than 75 delicious recipes, was successfully tested on hundreds of clients at the Adara weight loss centers founded by the authors. Readers will lose up to 2 pounds a week—while reducing stress and improving their moods. This plan is designed to turn on serotonin and turn off the need to eat, readers will never feel deprived. In addition, as serotonin increases feelings of well-being, emotional eating will vanish.

I have to say I love carbs and I have tried every diet known to man. I have to say I was impressed of how thought out this diet plan was. I never thought that Serotonin could make a difference. The Serotonin Power Diet Book was put together well. It answered any questions I might have about this diet. It also had many key points. This is perfect for people who suffer from depression or emotional eating.

Here is how this diet works:
  • Eat one snack 3 to 4 hours before dinner. If you feel the need for an evening snack, enjoy one 2 to 3 hours after dinner.
  • On any day the sun is out, try to get outside around noon for at least 10 minutes. A sunbox is another option, as long as you sit in front of it in the morning for at least 10-20 minutes (it mimics early morning light).
  • Drink plenty of non-caloric beverages and avoid alcohol.
  • Exercise -- even if you don't feel like doing so. Physical activity will give you more energy. Get out and walk. If the weather is too cold or inclement, take a brisk stroll around the mall. Check out the exercise DVD's at the library and follow the prompts at home. If you belong to a gym and you don't have the energy to get there after work, go over the weekend.
  • Make sure you get the sleep your body craves. A 20-minute afternoon nap can be very refreshing (make sure it's over by 4pm so that it won't interfere with nighttime sleeping). Also, you may want to aim for an earlier bedtime in the winter months.
Would I recommend or consider doing this diet myself? Yes I would! I found that the diet itself might be just what I need. I suffer from post partum depression from having my son and I am currently trying to lose my baby weight. This sounds like a diet I could find beneficial to me.

The Serotonin Power Diet can be purchased for about $16-$20.

You can find out more information about The Serotonin Power Diet and where to purchase this book at their website here.

Thank you to FSB Media and Rodale for providing this title for our book review. We were in no way paid or compensated for our opinions.


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