Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Years Resolution: Control Spending

If you are like me this years you probably made a promise to yourself you would be wiser with you money this year. You can make New Year resolutions about saving money and controlled spending but unless you have a plan that is all your promises will ever be be "promises".

TheVision Visa Prepaid Card offers an effective safe way to save money with the power of Visa Credit Card, tools to manage money, ways to add cash to add cash to your prepaid card, and it grows with you. PrePaid Credit Cards is as whole new alternative to credit card use.
How Vision Visa Prepaid Cards is used:

  1. You load your money.
  2. You can use these cards everywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted.
  3. You have online access with text and email alerts of you accounts balance.
  4. There is no debt or bank account required because it is prepaid so there in no overdraft.
 You can sign up to Vision Visa's Prepaid program for a low monthly fee of $6.95. This is a lot cheaper compared to other Prepaid credit cards.

To sign up for this awesome PrePaid Credit Card program go to and fill out your information. You will notice a big difference with your savings after the first few shopping trips.

Now your New Year resolutions are easier to keep so why procrastinate anymore. Shop smart, save, and say good by to credit cards.

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  1. Yes, using prepaid credit card you can really control your self from spending your money.