Saturday, February 13, 2010

GassesUSA Review

Let’s face it! Most us can’t find reasonably priced glasses in style. Most eyeglasses we can afford are store bought and not our prescription or ugly. For most of us finding stylish eyeglasses in our prescription and price range becomes a real chore and rather frustrating.

I found out at GlassesUSA not only can you order stylish prescription eyeglasses in your price range but the quality of the glasses are top notch. Plus if you are not happy with your glasses you can get your money back and the eyeglasses you return will be recycled. This means GlassesUSA donates these eyeglasses to organizations who then distribute them to people with the proper prescription who really need eyeglasses who can’t afford proper eye care. How awesome is that!

I decided to put GlassesUSA to the test. I chose the Protégé Silver Full Framed eyeglasses for review. I loved the way these eyeglass frames looked best. Plus these are best with my face shape. My eyeglasses only cost $37. That is awesomely affordable.

I had gone to Wal-Mart previously and was tested for my prescription to find out I needed simple reading eyeglasses. Wal-Mart has some reasonable prices for receiving a vision check if anyone was interested in know what their vision is or if they need glasses.

I received my glasses in about a week. First thing I noticed was the stylish durable case my eyeglasses came in. It seemed to protect my eyeglasses well and I can carry it around in my purse without any problems.

Protégé Silver Full Framed eyeglasses came with their own cleaning cloth. It was nice and professional. The frame looked very stylish and professional. When I put them on I noticed how comfortable they felt. I also noticed when reading papers or working on my computer I could read and see words easier and more clearly. It was a real improvement to my vision before I put on my glasses form GlassesUSA.

After a day of wearing the Protégé Silver Full Framed eyeglasses I noticed they still felt comfortable and still worked in the capacity they should. Most eyeglasses would become uncomfortable after a day of using them but my eyeglasses passed the test. It was nice. After a while I forgot they were even there.

I looked stylish and professional in my glasses and for my job that is a must as a US Marine. We always have to maintain a professional appearance. I received many compliments on my eyeglasses. I also felt more confidence in my abilities at work because of how professional I felt and the improvements in my vision.

I was pretty amazed at how the difference in my eyeglasses I received from GlassesUSA made in my performance at work. I can say I was very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it to others.

You can check out the different frames and prices at the GlassesUSA website to find what pair of eyeglasses best suites you.

GlassesUSA is an international company. They have two offices. One is in New Jersey which is their head quarters and one is in Israel. Both offices produce eyeglasses to provide customers with top quality lenses and the hottest frames in style.

Bonus: Who doesn’t like to save money! If you use the code Mommy5 you will receive a 5% discount off your order from GlassesUSA. That is pretty awesome!

I received a pair of prescription eyeglasses for this review. No other compensation was given and the opinions in this post are solely mine.


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