Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Green Alligator CD Review

“I want this CD to reflect the simple faith that children naturally exhibit,” says Lisa. “Jesus invited us all to come to Him ‘as a little child’ because a child trusts God wholeheartedly, without doubt. I hope these songs offer kids the freedom to express themselves and do what they do naturally – believe.”

As a mom we strive to teach our children our beliefs. Well I take my daughter to church and try to show her how to pray at bedtime when I can. I know I should do this every night but sometimes like everyone else I get busy.

I was sent Big Green Alligator by La-La Lisa to review. I have to tell you this is one of the cutest children’s CD’s I have heard. Big Green Alligator is a CD of 18 fun Christian songs directed at kids from preschool to kindergarten. This CD of songs was put together by a mother of three named Lisa who is a songwriter, worship leader, licensed counselor, Professor of Adolescent Psychology with Master Degrees in both Religion and Counseling Psychology, and a pastor’s wife.

When I put Big Green Alligator in the CD player I wasn’t to sure what to expect but as it turns out I enjoyed the music as much as my daughter did. I liked “Be Careful What You Say, God Has Made Us,” and of course “I loved “My Little Brother”. My Son’s name is Joshua also. He is 6 months old. All I could think about was my two kids when I heard that song.

My daughter really liked “Silly Bob”. She tried to sing and dance to it. She even made me sing to it. She giggled and giggled. She made me play that song over and over again. She had a lot of fun with “Silly Bob”.

I like Big Green Alligator because not only does it support what I have been teaching my daughter about our faith but it also teaches her about life lessons as well. It makes it fun so the educational value of this CD is more appealing to her. Big Green Alligator has become a wonderful educational tool for me so I can effectively re-enforce my beliefs and morals with my child.

I would recommend this to others who share similar belief systems as I do because I feel Big Green Alligator can help them the same way it helped me in reinforcing beliefs and morals that they believe strongly in and want their kids to have the same faith foundations as well.

Big Green Alligator can be found here for $13.99 so it is affordable to buy and you can also purchase MP3’s here for a lower price.

Lisa will be donating a portion of her album proceeds to a charity called Teen Mothers Choices International, a program that allows volunteers from local churches to provide a support system for teen mothers. How awesome is this. The charity offers services such as childcare so the young mothers can return to school, caring mentors who provide emotional support, and Life Skills Workshops which equip teenage mothers with resources and information to help them become independent functioning members of society. 100% of the girls that have gone through the program have graduated from school and found jobs to support themselves. I think this is a very noble cause. I think all of us know a girl found themselves in this same situation many girls find themselves in and ended up dropping out of school. It is nice to see now they have some choices instead of giving up thinking they are in a hopeless situation. It is nice to see there are people who are willing to help and who care. This is a noble cause to help support.

Read more about Big Green Alligator by La-La Lisa here.

This is just a product review. In no way is this post supposed to sway anyone’s beliefs or criticize anyone’s beliefs. It is just my opinion on this product. I have my own beliefs and I respect that others have theirs. My experience may be different from other people’s experiences. This product may be for some people and not for others. These are just my honest opinions on this product and nothing more.

This was not a paid review.  The CD was sent by The Adams Group for review. 


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