Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ouchies Adhesive Review

Now kids can treat their booboo’s on style. Ouchies offers an array of bandages in different styles and colors. Ouchies was started up by a dad who wanted to add style to band aids and he did just that with the inspiration of his daughter.

I received the Ouchies 4girls for review. My daughter loved Ouchies right off. Of course her being 2 we had to put them up because she kept trying to open them all. I gave her the pink camouflaged with hearts from the Ouchies I received. She kept putting it all over her hands and face. She loves her Ouchies.

I of course wanted to test out other features of the Ouchies besides their awesome designs. I took a couple of drops of food coloring and dropped it on the inside soft center of the Ouchies. The soft center absorbed the food coloring quickly. I also tried one of the Ouchies on for a night and it stayed on witch is also important for preserving the wound from germs. You don’t want a band aid that falls off easy. Ouchies also is packaged well in a tin to keep the Ouchies sterile. Ouchies passed this moms safety test.

The Ouchies designs in my tin are 4 of each design: Flower Power, Pink Camouflage with Hearts, “Girls Rule” Tattoo, and Desserts & Doodle. My favorite Ouchies design is the “Girls Rule”. I think it is just so cute. You can see more designs at there website here.

Ouchies has six different categories of Ouchies to try out. They have 4Boys, 4Girls, Make Ur Own, Mr. Men & Little Miss - Boys, Mr. Men & Little Miss – Girls, and Mr. Men & Little Miss Every1. Plus Ouchies is very affordable. They only cost $5 each witch is 20 adhesive bandages.

You can check out more information on Ouchies at their website.

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Join People Against Boring Bandages on the Ouchies website here. For every new Charter who signs up, they will donate one bandage to local hospitals. What an awesome cause to be a part of.

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  1. I'm a facebook fan of Ouchies under username Jennie Tilson.