Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Dream Gift Post for the YouSayToo's Awards

YouSayToo is holding a blogger contest. Here is some information taken directly from the YouSayToo website:

"YouSayToo is ringing in 2010 by hosting holiday awards for the 10 coolest blog authors. Nine lucky bloggers will receive fun gifts of their choice and the first place winner will be rewarded with a $1,000 holiday dream gift!

To enter your blogs in the awards all you need to do is add them to YouSayToo and write a Dream Gift post on them.

The Dream Gift post must include and be about:
1. YouSayToo's awards
2. What your $1,000 holiday dream gift is and why you want it
3. Which of YouSayToo’s fun gifts you like the most
4. Why your blog should win.
5. The post must be tagged under “yousaytoo awards”.
This is very important!
When your Dream Gift post is imported your blog will start participating in the awards.
You can enter all your active blogs in the awards by writing Dream Gift posts on all of them.

Already added your blog to YouSayToo? If so you can also participate by writing a Dream Gift post on it.

The same goes for the blogs started at YouSayToo before November 30, 2009. Continue blogging at YouSayToo and write a Dream gift post. Your blog must follow the same rules as added blogs.

Learn more about the YouSayToo's Awards."

Here is my Dream Gift Post for the YouSayToo's Awards:

My $1,000 holiday dream gift is getting to go home to Texas to visit my family. I want this gift because I live in NC due to being stationed in the military and I haven't been home in a long time. It would mean the the world to me to get to spend some quality time with family. We haven't been able to go because I recently had a baby and money is tight. My mom would love to meet her grandson for the first time. I try to see my family when I can because both my parents are in poor health.

Out of all the YouSayToo fun gifts I like the Retro Web Cam the most. I think it would be useful to keep in contact with my family when I go on deployments. I will really miss my family and it would be so helpful to get to see them on the internet.

My blog should win because even though it is new it has accomplished a lot in the last few months. It gives readers important information on products. It gives readers a chance to win these products. It also provides companies exposure for their products.

Thanks for the chance YouSayToo and thanks to those who vote for me!

You have a week to enter you blog in the YouSayToo's Awards so hurry before it is too late.


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