Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diaper Wars: Huggies Verses Pampers Diaper Review

As a mom I only choose the best for my babies bottom. There are three things
I considered when I chose the diapers I would use for my babies and that is
ultimate leak protection, excellent comfort, and maximum absorbency. We have
a 2 year old girl and 5 month old boy so we have plenty of experience with
diapers and diaper brands. I and my husband have tried both Huggies and
Pampers diaper brands. In my opinion Huggies and Pampers are the best diaper
brands on the market today.

Pampers made by Procter & Gamble has been the top market brand for decades.
Huggies made by Kimberly-Clark is known for their frequent discounts.
Both have a program for code rewards where you have a chance to win awesome
prizes including diapers for a year.

In my opinion Huggies are better at protecting leakage for boys and Pampers
are better at protecting leakage for girls. Huggies diapers seem to be
slightly thicker and have an extra layer of comfort for your baby. The inner
lining used in all their merchandise provides ultimate softness and also
provides excellent protection for a baby's soft skin. As the diapers keep
the baby dry, the different materials also help keep rashes and skin
irritation in check. However, Huggies were no match for kids poop. It leaked
out a lot when I used the Huggies brand. Pampers tended to fit my kids
better and absorbed leaks quickly but you can tell right away when they
urinate because there diapers look heavy. They get soggy and soft. Pampers
adapt best to my babies shape making them more comfortable when moving
around. My babies didn't get rashes as easily as they do with other diaper

Comparing prices Huggies are cheaper. Huggies cost roughly $28.99 for 120
diapers. Pampers cost roughly $37.99 for 140.

Features I like about Pampers diapers:
1. They are fitted around the top of the thigh with an elasticized strip
which stops leakage.
2. I like the material. I think this will be great for my babies sensitive
3. I like the fast absorption.
4. My babies have more room to move around in Pampers because they are
always adapting to my babies needs.

Features I dislike about Pampers:
1. They are more expensive.
2. The fast absorptions makes the diapers soggy, heavy, and gross.

Features I like about Huggies:
1. The absorption for boys is awesome.
2. I like how the material feels and think it would benefit my child's skin.
3. Huggies appears to be durable.

Features I dislike about Huggies:
1. Huggies fit around the leg which isn't nearly close enough.
2. I experienced leakage with my babies bowl movements using this brand.

I and my husband love Pampers best for our babies. Keep in mind our
experience will not be the same as everyone else's. Pampers we feel are the
better diaper for our family looking at the benefits of both Huggies and

My suggestion is to try on both brands and decide which one you like best.
All babies are shaped differently so diapers are going to fit them
differently. Huggies might work better for one baby but cause major leakage
for another. The same goes with Pampers. You know what is best for your baby.
Don't let prices sway you in your choice when it comes to your baby's welfare.


  1. Great points. When my son was little we used cloth diapers primarily, but if we were going out, I always relied on Huggies. :)

  2. Pampers are great diapers! Ive used Pampers since my daughter was born and she's never even had diaper rash and she's 20 months!!

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