Friday, January 8, 2010

Couples Retreat Movie Review

Couples Retreat is a romantic comedy. It is not really meant for kids. I watched it the other day with my husband. I loved this movie. I have to start out by saying this. It not only was funny but seemed to connect well with married couples everywhere. How many of us get lot in routine from day to day and grow apart from each other.

Couples Retreat revolves around marriage and problems marriages face. The problems you see in this movie are common. It starts out with a couple whose marriage is trouble. They have tried so hard to have a baby that it has literally sucked the life out of their marriage. Also the husband is a control freak who tries to fix his wife all the time. This couple decides to try to save their marriage by attending a couples retreat at an island called Eden West. In order to go they talk their friends into going with them because they can’t afford it themselves.

Couples Retreat demonstrates couples rediscovering their feelings for one another. This movie is also a comedy so it will keep you laughing to the very end.

Vince Vaughn was awesome as always. The actors did a good enough job. The movie setting was just beautiful for this movie. After watching this movie I want to go to Eden West. The plot was interesting enough. I give this movie 3 stars.

If you are married you will love Couples Retreat.

In conclusion I will say these are just my opinions. Other people might have different opinions of this movie. I recommend you watch Couples Retreat for yourself.


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