Friday, January 8, 2010

Avatar Movie Review

A few days ago I and my husband went and saw the movie Avatar everyone has been talking about. It is not a movie for kids. It is a masterpiece and yes it succeeded visually with the imagination’s expectations when it came to special effects. I also like the fact they had one of the main characters a Marine who was wounded and lost the ability to walk. As a Marine myself I thought this was an awesome touch. Now I have to say this. Even though I did enjoy the movie I was slightly disappointed. I thought this movie lacked some emotional connections.

I can see where some people might feel controversy with Avatar. Here is why:
1. It could be construed as an anti-war movie.
2. Humans are the villains.
3. He gave up being a human to become his Navi Avatar.
4. Religious organizations might have issues with this movie too because it talks of other Gods.

Avatar however is sensational. The setting was beautiful. The effects were fantastic and I have to say the best part of this movie no doubt. The creations of the blue called Navi where fascinating and even attractive. You could not help but love them and their ways. It must have taken some imagination to put together details in a plot like the one in Avatar. James Cameron has really gone far and beyond boundaries many film directors would fear to go.

The plot I feel is too common. It has possible extinction, a forbidden love, and love of nature. I have seen this plot in many movies. I will say anymore with the number of movies out today it is hard to come up with a plot that sets itself apart from the rest.

My husband loved Avatar. He says it is like how we the Americans forced the Indians out. I try not to think of stuff like this. I am in the Military and I like to think we fight for others who can’t fight for themselves not destroy them.

The end of Avatar suggested there might be a sequel in the future. We will have to wait and see! This movie is better viewed in theaters I think

The acting was spectacular! Zoe Saldana did a wonderful job portraying her character and she stayed in character throughout the whole movie. I was very impressed with her performance. Sigourney Weaver was also sensational like always in her movies.

In conclusion I would like to say these are just my opinions and other people might have different opinions on the movie Avatar. I recommend others to watch this movie for themselves. With all this said I will watch the sequel when it comes out in theatres ;-)


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