Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wizard 101 PC Game Review & Code Giveaway (5 Winners) - (CLOSED)

 I was sent a complimentary all-access family pass by KingsIsle Entertainment, makers of Wizard101 and was asked to play the game and blog about my experience.

Myself and my husband received invitations to review a PC game called Wizard 101. The last couple of days I have found myself in a world of wizards under the alias of Jasmine UnicornHeart. This is an interactive game the whole family can enjoy. Wizard 101 is a virtual world where everyone plays together. The mission in Wizard 101 is to stop evil wizards from destroying everything.

One feature that I like about Wizard 101 is that I have some choice of what my wizard looks like. You can choose from various hair styles, hair color, skin tone, different faces, and wardrobe. Plus if you are female you are a female wizard and if you are a male you are a male wizard. You also get to choose your name from their selection. I like the fact that there is a selection since children can play Wizard 101. This way people can't choose offensive names to use in Wizard 101. I chose Jasmine UnicornHeart.

Wizard 101 is very easy to play and the instructions are very easy to understand. Also their is a help button in the Wizard 101 if you have a question. You can usually find anything you need help with there. Plus the pictures tell all. This is easy for child players.

Wizard 101 is awesome because it is multi-player. This means parents and kids can play together as a family. I like this because being in the military if I deploy I can interact with my husband in the game. My kids are still very young to play this game. Wizard 101 is recommended for kids 10 and older. Wizard 101 would also be great for parents who are forced to live away from their kids as well. These parents can talk and play with their kids inside Wizard 101 when they can't be with them.

I enjoyed the battles in Wizard 101 because you can use these really cool cards to access spells against evil minions.The graphics in the game are awesome and cartoon like. This is great for kids. Plus my headmaster is an old guy that resembles Professor Dumbledore off of the movie Harry Potter. Be careful your mana or health crystals don't get low. Wizard 101 has some fun games you can play to increase your mana if you need to. My husband loves the games. These games are a lot of fun so if you get a chance you should check them out.

Wizard 101 has filters on their chats. This is great for kids and Wizard 101 is more directed towards children. I like the fact that these filters have been implemented as a mother myself.

As a mother I am was concerned about the fact that random people can try to add anyone as a friend in Wizard 101. Jennifer from KingsIsle Entertainment told me about a way to turn off friend requests that I thought I would share with you. In-game, click on your spellbook, choose the options tab on left (looks like a gear),click Privacy Options tab on top (looks like a lock), and Change allow Friends requests to No. This is awesome for us moms who want to make sure that just anyone can add our kids as a friend. What an awesome feature;-)

Over all I thought Wizard 101 was a fun PC game. I will continue playing because I like it and Wizard 101 is rather addictive. In fact you can try this game out for free yourself for free here but it is only a trial you will have to eventually purchase a subscription to keep playing.

My husband has played Wizard 101in the past as well as with his subscription. He has always enjoyed playing Wizard 101. He feels everyone from age groups 10 and up can enjoy Wizard 101.

Wizard 101 has a special for families. You can purchase a subscription from Wizard 101 as a family subscription for $6.95 monthly per person. A one person subscription usually runs $9.95 monthly. 

Bonus: Jennifer from KingsIsle Entertainment is offering 5 of my lucky readers a promo code to Wizard 101. They can only be used once each.  Each code redeems for 5000 Crowns ($10 value), which can be used to buy areas of the game or buy special/gear equipment in-game.You can find out more about these codes here.<
Win it! 

To enter leave a comment telling me why you would like to try out Wizard 101 or if you already have a Wizard 101 account what is your favorite feature about this awesome PC game.

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  1. I play this game with my 7 yr. old daughter. I find it is quality time we both enjoy! It has helped her with spelling and reading as well! Team work and questing on her own as well as try try again. With the parental controls available there isn't much about the game I don't like! But I would LOVE the crowns to be able to get her a permanent mount or to go towards the purchase of the benefit White Tiger. Way cool. :)

  2. I play with my daughter grandson and even got an account for my daughters friend...I love the game because i can keep connected to family even far away,when you cant see each other everyday it's wonderful to hear about my grandsons day...and listen to my daughter and her friend chitter chatter as we fight the foes
    it is such a wonderful environment for the children in my family i dont have to worry about them talking to the wrong people thank you ki for such safe haven for my family

  3. I think that I should get the one of the codes because, I have been playing Wizard101 for a long time and I like it because it has good graphics, it's safe so my parents won't get mad, it's fun, the spells are really cool (strom god/lord), and this list could go on and on! Also my parents will never give me crowns not even on Christmas!

  4. Wizard101, is so fun for kids & adults! It's a fun safe environment. Wizard101 has people watching over the "Text Chat". I have been playing Wizard101 for about 11 months now and I have never really have a problem with the MMO game. And it never gets old there is always updates & news for all Wizards! Whats the best part about the game to me is the Battles. There always fun-packed!

  5. I am a teen myself, and I love Wizard101. The community is so caring, and jumps right away to fix any problems. For example, a few months back there was a problem with people trading fake codes for treasure cards. The community complained, and now the phrase "codes for cards" is banned from the text chat.

  6. I am also now following your blog. Great job. Being a blogger myself, I appreciate the people who take time to tell others about what they love.

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  9. Sorry to comment AGAIN, but my email is in case I win.

  10. I play Wizards 101 with my husband. I love this game and would love the chance to win.

    Martha Hanley

  11. I love this game. I think I should win because I have dedicated much time to this game.

    Travis Hedcalf

  12. Hi there, I would like to enter the contest! :)

    My email is oblivia 77 at gmail dot com.

    I have been playing Wizard101 for about six months now and I love it! My favourite feature is the ability to have a family account! :) I play with others in my family and I love being able to work together to go on quests or beat bosses together. It becomes an interactive activity which I find can be difficult to do when playing on the computer. I love that there are so many worlds to explore. I'd love the chance to win! :-)

    I will post a second comment with my additional entry information.

    Lisa Papez

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  20. Wizard 101 online game is a fantastic game to play,
    I like how we can team up with friends in battle and for Pvp with could test each other their skills.

  21. I enjoy playing Wizard 101 with my girlfriend. She lives in New York and I live in Montana. It saved my relationship.

    conner Paise

  22. I'm a follower

    conner Paise


    conner Paise

  24. I play this game in my down time. I saw your add on Lejuene Yard sales and would love some crowns to use. Thanks for the chance. I love this game.

    Phil Brtherton

  25. Yeah. I love this game. I play all the time. What a giveaway. Count me in! I play with my friends all the time.

  26. This is on sweet game. I love it. I play it at night all the time. It gets my mind off college.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Greg Jones

  27. I think I shoul win this becaus I am a great Wizard 101 player. I play with my brothers all the time. I love the game;-)

    Jennifer Skye

  28. I would love to win this. I love this game.