Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 10 Lip Glosses Worldwide

Lip gloss is vastly becoming popular among women worldwide today. It is replacing and enhancing lipstick as we know it. I love lip gloss! I have several tubes from several different brands that I use constantly. I always take a tube with me where ever I go. I guess you can say I never leave home without it. It is considered stability and an asset for any makeup collection. Its popularity has grown over the years. I, myself, find it useful after I have applied my lipstick. I use it to give my lips that fuller look and shine we all strive to achieve. It is a wonderful tool to capture the fuller effect if that is the look you are going for. It also works great as a moisturizer for lips if you suffer from dry lips. Lips gloss is inexpensive and comes in many colors, flavors, and textures!

Lip gloss is one of the hottest trends in Hollywood. In many articles pertaining to the styles of some of the most fashionable celebrities, they have included lip gloss as one, of many of their makeup routines. Below is a list I compiled from research I have done on the internet on what the 10 top lip glosses popular in the world today.

These are just 10 of the most popular lip glosses used today. There are many other good brands on the market not listed in the list. These you will have to base your opinions using trial and error. Some lip glosses work better with some people and not with others. It just depends on a person's skin texture.

Out of all these lip glosses my favorite is Clinique's Full Potential Lips Pump and Shine. I like the texture of this lip gloss. I like the look. This lip gloss also last longer then any other lip gloss I have tried in the past. Then again I love anything made by Clinique. This brand really works with my skin. The colors also seem to compliment certain features of my face. Many of the brands I have listed probably look very familiar.

You probably see a lot of these brands at stores you shop at or you even run across them online. They are very accessible and they work well with anyone's budget. The next time you are shopping for lip gloss I recommend you choose from the list I gave you above. You should also consider possibly trying a few different brands from the list above to see what is right for you. You can't go wrong with these top 10 lip gloss sensations. After all as women our lips is one of our most important assets!


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