Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods

I checked out Yahoo searches and right now Tiger Woods is ranked number 1 in top searches on yahoo. I guess we all know why. I never was much of a gulf fan but I always thought he had a beutiful wife, I know many people who looked up to him, and I have heard of him getting paid millions just to show his face at special events. I always saw people like that as being lucky. Now hearing what the press is saying about him I am glad I am not a celebrity. It seems to me they don't get to keep much privacy.

Britney Spears also made the top searched. Everyone knows why but I still like her music and think she is a lovely girl. I think the press should leve her alone.

Bing also made the list. I did not know much about Bing but I tried it out today. It is alright. Just something new.


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