Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rosa's Fudge Giveaway 6 Winners Announced

Here are the Rosa's Fudge Giveaway Winners listed below chosen by!

1. Comment #232 07violet
2. Comment #48 Kimberly L
3. Comment #47 lavendarlittle
4. Comment #98 jsc123
5. Comment #9  Laura
6. Comment #158 Jennelle Henderson

Congratulations you have 72 hours after the email I just sent you to claim your prize or alternate winner will be chosen for the winners who don't claim their prize in that time. 

I am sorry getting this out a day late but both of my kids are sick and had to be taken to the doctor yesterday. Thank you all for your patience. 

I want to remind everyone to please leave an email in their comments I had to redraw 10 times because I had a hard time finding emails. Rules can be read here. I will sure to link them to the giveaway for now on to.