Sunday, December 6, 2009

Please Donate to Our Libby’s Virtual Canned Food Drive

This year, we are using our blog to help raise money for our Libby’s Virtual Canned Food Drive. This is something new that we are doing, so we’ve started our goal at $100. Hopefully we can meet that goal or even surpass it! It is our hope that through our blog, we can bring awareness to the food drive and you’ll be inclined to donate. We’d like to offer something in return, but legally we cannot but you will get extra entries into our giveaways by donating to this great cause. We will give you 20 extra entries for any contribution you make. We hope that knowing that you are helping provide food to families in need is sufficient. Can you believe that by donating $5, you would be providing 35 meals to needy families!

Donations $5 or More
For donations of $5 or more, please donate directly to our Libby’s Virtual Canned Food Drive. You can choose to donate more than $5, but there is an option to donate a minimum of $5. Simply select to help provide as many meals for hungry families as possible and type in $5.00. Anything less won’t go through, we already tried, which is why we are presenting another option below.

Donations Less Than $5
For donations less than $5, please donate to our Chipin Virtual Canned Food Drive. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to donate; there is an option to donate via credit/debit above the card logos.

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