Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coke Rewards - Make a Difference

Coke Rewards is an awesome site for coke drinkers. You can go enter your points and win sweepstakes or pay for awesome prizes. Now you can use Coke Rewards for good. You can donate you Coke Rewards to Toys for Tots. This is a wonderful cause if you ask me. I did not even know you can do this. You can find these Coke Reward codes for points under the coke cap.

Toys for Tots program as United States Marines collect and distribute toys to give to kids in need. The Toys for Tots program has been looking after less fortunate kids during the holidays since 1947. Help keep the Toys for Tots program a strong fixture in the American community.

So if you want to do something good but can't afford to give a lot of money but you are a coke drinker you can help a child have a good Christmas by donating your points on Coke Rewards to Toys for Tots. I know this seems small but to a child on Christmas it could mean a lot.

Just think, if you are a coke drinker but don't participate in Coke Rewards you probably throw away several points all the time. Please go dig through you garbage and get you old coke caps out. You can do some real good with these and it won't take up a lot of time either. Just create an account and donate your points to a child in need. I did. I donated 22 points today to Toys for Tots. I even called my mom who drinks coke all the time and got points from her to donate here.

If you already participate in Coke Rewards but don't want to give out to many points you can give as little as 3 points. This can actually make all the difference for a child.

I think this is a worth while cause and I support it completely. I usually try to give a toy every year to Toys for Tots but now I can also help out this way as well.

You can also join this Toys for Tots campaign on Facebook.  You can create you own team or join mine at Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles. You can join a team in several ways. You can start by clicking the “See Team Invites” button on your home page and check whether or not your friends have previously invited you to join their team. If you don’t have any existing invites you can create your own! If you don't have an invite yet. Join my Facebook and send me a message stating you want to be invited to my team and I will invite. Go today and help a child have a good Christmas;-)
Plus it is not just cokes you can get rewards off of either. You can get points for the following drinks as well:
Coke Zero
Diet Coke
Minute Maid


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