Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maybelene Color Sensational #225 Carmel Kiss Lipstick Review

I have always been a fanatic for lipstick and lip gloss. I obsess like most women on getting that fuller smoother look. I have found a lipstick that satisfies this obsession. I use Maybelline Color Sensational #225 Carmel Kiss. As far as lipsticks go this product far surpasses many fashion fanatics’ expectations. I love this Maybelline Color Sensational #225 Carmel Kiss Lipstick. I love the texture. I love h. I like how my lips feel after I apply this product. I really love how my lips look after I apply this product as well. My lips look more smooth and plump. My lips feel smoother and well hydrated after using this product. Maybelline Color Sensational #225 Carmel Kiss Lipstick lasts for at least 5 hours. This is good for a lipstick. Most are lucky to last 3 hours.
I chose the color Carmel Kiss because it works well with my coloring. It also works well with most my outfits. I have always liked more natural looking makeup. Maybelline Color Sensational has many different colors of lipstick for various types of people and various types of wardrobe.

You can purchase this product here for $7.49. This is an awesome price for this product.

I guess you can say I was pleased with this product. I would recommend this product to others.


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