Monday, December 21, 2009

Earn Point and Win Prizes on She Knows Points& Prizes

Now SheKnows not only has awesome contests to enter and win prizes but now you can redeem words for points to earn towards prizes. SheKnows is an awesome website that hosts contests with unlimited entries. Now SheKnows has a Points & Prizes program.

Collect Points and Prizes keywords on the SheKnows Message Boards! Every week Jasmine@PointsandPrizes will be posting keywords throughout the boards, and it's up to you to try and find them all! Up to 1,000 points will be posted in the boards every week, so sign up for your free account and good luck with the hunt!

Don't forget you can also find keywords on as well as! Words can pop up at anytime so remember to check them daily!

Check out the new Premier Prizes on the site. Start collecting your points now - each month we are adding a new high-valued prize just for you. Happy hunting for points and enjoy!

Make sure to check out the articles in our SheKnows newsletters! Not only will you find Points & Prizes Keywords in the newsletters, but also within the articles, blogs and contests we link to in the newsletters.

And remember, the more newsletters you subscribe to, the more points you earn. Good luck!

Go here and start earning points today.


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