Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twilight New Moon Movie Review

I saw the movie Twilight New Moon over the weekend. I was very disappointed. It was not as good at the first Twilight in my opinion. I loved the first Twilight but feel the second was largely lacking in many areas.

I did not care for Bella’s disregard for her own life. In so many of the scenes she is perusing dangerous stunts because she sees Edward. I think it send the wrong message to the teenage community.

I thought that Bella seemed depressing in most the movie. This made the movie seem like it was dragging on and lacking in content. I guess the movie seemed boring in certain scenes.

However, Kristen Stewart did make a beautiful Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson made a very believable Edward Cullen. Robert’s make up was done rather well. I also like the dark and dreary setting the movie was shot in. It fit the vampire stigma well.

I also enjoyed how they brought another guy into the picture after Edward dumped Bella. I thought this made the movie more interesting. Taylor Lautner did a good job of playing Jacob Black, who ends up heart broken after Bella uses him to purge her mind of Edward only to return to Edward at the end of the movie. I liked the whole Bella goes from vampire, to werewolf, and back to vampire again. I think this will make the Twilight movies more interesting in the future.

I did not like how Bella took Edward back so quickly. I think the movie would have been better if she made him work to earn her back after breaking her heart so badly and abandoning her. I know this had to happen for him to decide it was time to change her into a vampire but I still feel it would have been better if he had to prove himself to her after hurting her so bad.

I think the graphics where good overall. I liked the werewolves. They looked totally awesome. I have to say I think that this was my favorite part of the movie.

This is just my opinion. Others may have a different opinion. My experience may differ from your experience. I did not read the Twilight books. This was solely my opinion about the movie.

You can find more information on the movie here.


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