Friday, November 27, 2009

On Go Energy Shot Review

The day before yesterday I received 3 flavors of On Go Energy Shots to review. I got the flavors Berry Blast, Lemon Lime, and Mandarin Orange. In all I got 6 shots. I and my husband both reviewed these shots. We took 1 of each flavor. I have duty a lot in the Marine Corps so I have tried many energy drinks and energy shots.

As far as taste goes out of all three shots I liked the Mandarin Orange the best. I did not think its flavor was a powerful as the others and it had a sweet orange flavor. My husband is not so much for orange flavors. He preferred the Berry Blast. Berry has always been one of my husbands favorite flavors for anything. I didn't care much for this flavor. I thought it was too overpowering for me but this is just my opinion.

After I drank one of the On Go Energy Shots I felt alert. I wasn't tired. I wanted to do something anything. I felt full of energy. I stayed like this for about 3 hours. After it wore off I didn't feel a crash.

I like that it is small and convenient. I can put one in my purse to take with me in case I need a pick me up.

I like the nutrition facts. It has 0 net carbohydrates and contains electrolytes. 

I think these shots were decent for energy shots and operated the way they were supposed to. I would recommend these energy shots to others.

On Go Energy Shots costs less then other brands of shots on the market today.

On Go Energy Shots costs $12.99 for a 12 pack or $2.32 for 1 shot.

You can find more information on On Go Energy Shots website here.

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  1. I work nights and I am really dragging towards the end of that 12 hour shift - especially night 3! I'll have to give these a try.