Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Book Review of Chris Tusa’s Dirty Little Angels

I found myself surrounded in a world of metaphors and emotions reading Chris Tusa’s book “Dirty Little Angels”! I found myself transported back to when I was a teenager trying to find my right of passage into adult hood! Hailey Trosclair could have very easily have been my best friend when I was 16!
Chris Tusa not only gave Hailey Trosclair a voice or told her story! He gave many teenagers a voice by writing this book! Many teenagers face the same struggles in society and their everyday lives! They struggle with parents, friends, morality, and even themselves!  You could say in this in this book Hailey is trying so hard to find herself while trying to survive a world of chaos that surrounds her! She wants’ so badly to find something to believe in and she tries to put her faith in religion but instead she finds Moses Watkins. Then things get scary! She is a true heroine. I found myself admiring her and inspired by her strength because of the way Chris portrayed her in “Dirty Little Angels”!
I thought this book had a powerful plot and once I started reading it I could not put it down until I was finished! I found this read rather poetic and deep. I truly enjoyed this piece of literature! It is a book I could very easily read again! Chris demonstrated a true talent and passion for writing. Not to mention the ability to appeal to contemporary writing on a whole new level.
I will not ruin the book for you because I want you to read it for yourself and trust me you will be glad you did! But you can find a brief summery of “Dirty Little Angels” on Chris Tusa’s blog here.
You can also find more reviews of this book on Chris’s blog here.
You have to read this book yourself if you want to know more! You can purchase a paperback copy of Chris’s book (Dirty Little Angels)  here.
 at amazon.com for roughly $10! It is totally worth the money ;-)
Chris Tusa is also a poet and the author of”Haunted Bones” which is a collection of compelling poems of empathy, courage, and strength! It is described a being intense like his book”Dirty Little Angels”!

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