Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maximum Strength Desitin Review

As a mom I hate diaper rashes. I try to prevent a diaper rash by changing my baby regularly and making sure he stays clean. Even if you do all the right things to prevent a rash you can still get a one. A couple of weeks ago my son came down with an awful rash. It was red and blotchy. He was hurting so bad and I just wanted to cry with him. The ointment I was using did not seem to help so I took him to our doctor. Our doctor prescribed Maximum Strength Desitin.
My Desitin came in a big tube that was easy to use and it didn’t take much. I cleaned my baby’s bottom thoroughly.  I squeezed a little on my finger. It was creamy and smelled medicated. I spread it over my son’s infected area. It seemed to ease his pain instantly. I put his diaper on him and he is good to go till the next changing.

The next day I noticed a difference. You could tell his rash was healing. Instead of looking red and blotchy it was pink and fading. I reapplied as needed and a few days later his diaper rash was completely gone.

The down side to Maximum Strength Desitin is that it is more expensive then most diaper ointments. It costs $3 at Wal-Mart. Just remember when it comes to your babies bottom you get what you pay for, so do you really want to go for the cheap stuff. I wouldn’t!

One of the ingredients for this product includes petroleum and some parents have a problem with this. I don’t because it is going on my baby’s rash not in his mouth.

I would recommend this product and I plan on using this product again in the future if my baby has another diaper rash.

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