Friday, November 27, 2009


Kodak has started a new tour called Kodak save $110 tour. The idea behind the tour is that your family on average will save $110 a year by using the Kodak All in One printer. The money belongs in your wallet not your printer. I know how expensive printer cartridges can be. Some of them are up to 30 dollars. The tour is part of Kodak’s marketing campaign Print and Prosper reinforcing how Kodak¹s All-in-One inkjet printers are revolutionizing the inkjet printer business by offering the lowest total ink replacement cost in the industry ($14.99 MSRP for color and $9.99 MSRP for black).

To find out what cities the tour will be arriving to next check out and follow the tour here. They might be coming to your city soon!
Over the Thanksgiving holiday the tour will be in Florence AL, Huntsville AL, Hattiesburg, MS and Baton Rouge LA. If you are in those areas you should go and check it out.

For more information check out Print and Prosper to learn more about Kodak
printers and for spePost Optionscial savings.

A few bloggers will be hosting giveaways where some readers will win a 110 dollar VISA gift cards. The dollar amount ($110) correlates with the "Kodak Save $110 Tour" which is traveling across the country to show how families can save on average $110 per year on ink with Kodak's All-in-One inkjet printers. The gift card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. That is a huge prize. I am sure it will help someone out with holiday shopping.

Here are some of the bloggers hosting these giveaways: 

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